Retirement Income Or Savings Inflation Calculator

Calculator for Inflation Adjustment
Calculates an estimation of what a value today will be need to be grown to
adjusting for future inflation.
(Enter only numbers or a decimal point.)

Amount To Be Adjusted For Inflation:

(Ethier Retirement Income or Savings)* 
$ Enter either income you have calculated you will need to retire adjusted as described in the Retirement Income Calculator instructions, or a total retirement savings goal you have, expressed in today’s dollars.
Average Inflation Rate:
(CPI or Other) * 
  % Enter the average inflation rate you feel will exist between now and your retirement date. Historical Consumer Price Index ( CPI ) data may help.
Months Until Retirement:*     Enter the estimated time expressed in months between today and when you hope to retire.
Inflation Adjusted Income Or Saving
$ This represents the actual goal you need to work with so that the retirement income or retirement savings figure you started with will provide you with the same value in the future after inflation adjustments.

Required Field *

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